Current Picture:

Proposed Design:

Project Name: Tyn-y-Coed

Address:  820 Dunsmuir

Developer: Long Term Developments 


A 7-unit condo townhouse development by Long Term Developments.

Situated on the sharp corner of Dunsmuir and also bordered by Wollaston this development is named Tyn-y-Coed after the original heritage home that was taken down on the site. The 3 floor townhouse units will have garage access from a central courtyard and there will be single driveway onto Dunsmuir at the west end of the property. Six of the units will have a large single garage and one unit will have parking for two vehicles. There will be one parking spot on the property for visitors. Four of the units will have their front doors on Wollaston, while the other three front doors will be facing south on Dunsmuir. The units will be either 2 bedroom with den or 3 bedroom. 

Construction is underway.  The estimated date of completion is by the end of 2023.