Current Picture:

Proposed Design:

Project Name:  Seaview Terrace

Address: 734 Sea Terrace 

Developer:  Scala Developments


This 4-storey, 17-unit condo building is the developer’s revised proposal as their initial proposal was turned down by Council in Dec. 2022.  This development replaces a single-family home with a 4-story condo building containing 17 units with one story of underground parking. 

There will be 4 studio units, 3 one-bedroom units, 9 two-bedroom units and one 3-bedroom units which will be on the ground floor level. The underground parking will have room for 12 car stalls and 30 bike stalls with charging stations. 2 cargo bikes will be provided and a bike sharing program. There is a dedicated MODO car share with a proposed electric charging station in front of the building.  On the front side of the building a 1 visitor parking space and a deliveries only space will be provided. The design features an outdoor staircase, a shared plaza with outdoor furniture, and balconies on the south and east sides.


The construction phase is estimated to take 18 months once it gets underway.