Current Picture:

Proposed Design:

Project Name: Pacific House

Developer:  Lexi Development Group Inc.

Address:  899 Esquimalt Road, West Bay, Esquimalt


In 2019 West Vancouver based Developer Lexi received Council approval for their project at 899 Esquimalt Road, on the corner of Esquimalt Road and Head Street.  The project would be nine storeys when viewed from Esquimalt Road and 12 storeys when viewed down the hill from Wollaston.  The project consists of 66 market condos in the tower and 3 townhouses on the lower portion of the property fronting onto Wollaston. The project was approved due to the amenities promised by the developer.  In particular a staffed, 4000 sq ft purpose-built medical clinic on the building’s main floor and subsidized rent for its health care tenants for 10 years.

On Feb 26, 2024, after 7 floors of the development had been completed, the developer applied to Council to add an additional two extra storeys which would include 16 more units and additional parking.  The rational provided by the developer was the increasing financial costs as a result of rising interest rates and construction costs.  The developer proposed providing the Township with a two-bedroom unit as an amenity contribution if the extra density was approved.

Mayor Desjardins, Councillors Helliwell and Armour approved the proposal.   Councillors Morrison, Cavens and Rotchford opposed.  With Councillor Boardman absent, the tie vote meant that the motion did not pass.

Many of the units have been sold.  There has not been any news as yet on the progress of the health care clinic or potential tenants.