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To: Esquimalt Mayor and Council March 9, 2023

Cc: Esquimalt Mayor and Council

Dan Horan – Esquimalt CAO, Joel Clary – Dir of Eng/Public Works, Bill Brown – Dir of Development Services, Vicki Gannon – Dir of Corporate/Human Resources

Re: Installation of Kayak Dock in West Bay

We, the West Bay Residents Association (WBRA), are very aware of the popularity of the West Bay Walkway (Walkway) and its importance as a pedestrian gateway to and from Esquimalt. With well in excess of 600 new residential units currently in the process of being built in West Bay, the harbour area continues to develop as a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike. This will result in a large increase in demand for recreational and pedestrian use of the Walkway.

We are pleased to hear that money has recently been set aside for work associated with the Walkway. Specifically, we understand that the Engineering Department has $130,000 allocated at this time towards the potential re-design of the landing at the entrance to the Walkway. In addition, Council will recall that throughout the development process for 899 Esquimalt Road, the proponent (Lexi) promised $150,000 toward a kayak dock situated in West Bay.  We understand those funds have been received by the Township as part of the covenant on the property. We believe that combining these two efforts will provide an opportunity for Esquimalt to reach its long-intended goal of establishing a community-use kayak dock in West Bay.

The Walkway was originally designed and built with this intention in mind, and already includes an indent for a gangway to a floating dock at water level. This final piece of the Walkway, once completed, would provide much needed public water access for small portable watercraft such as kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards.

Our knowledge of and proximity to the Walkway has helped inform our observations and advocacy over the years regarding its safety, habitat, and water access. As the Township considers how best to maintain, improve, and enhance this significant community resource, we trust that the installation of a small watercraft dock in West Bay will be seriously considered as part of this endeavour.  

The WBRA looks forward to consulting with the Township during the upcoming planning process for the re-design of the West Bay Walkway.

We request a written response advising of the potential of combining the Walkway work with work associated with installing the new kayak dock in West Bay with the Lexi funds. 


Rozlynne Mitchell

Board Chair, West Bay Residents Association