Esquimalt’s Public Service Building Construction Project

Alternative Approval Process

Deadline May 10th 2021


Esquimalt Council is asking residents to weigh in on approving the construction of a new Public Safety Building by approving the adoption of the Public Safety Building Improvement Loan Authorization Bylaw, 2021, No. 3021, which will allow the Township to borrow upon the credit of the Township, $35 million, to be repaid over thirty years.  

This requires Council to receive approval from residents through the normal avenue of a Referendum (Assent Voting) or the less used option of what is called an Alternate Approval Process (AAP).

The project will cost $42 million dollars, of which $7 million will come from the McLoughlin Amenity Funds, with the $35 million balance coming from the proposed loan.

The AAP process is a reverse onus, opt out method of ascertaining resident’s approval or lack thereof.  If residents DO NOT support the Township borrowing the funds on their behalf, they are required to access, complete, sign and forward an Elector Response Form (ERF) to the Township.  The ERF can be found on the Township’s website and is linked below.

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If less than 1380 (10%) of the electorate complete the ERF, Council assumes approval from the electorate to undertake the loan.  The more commonly used referendum process allows individuals to either vote for or to vote against the borrowing, in an anonymous fashion, and with detailed discussion, debate and information beforehand delivered to their door.  

DEADLINE – For those opposed to the adoption of this bylaw and or the AAP, the ERF must be signed and delivered to the Township by 4:30pm Monday, May 10th, 2021.

Find the history of the project and details regarding the AAP, Financial FAQs and the ERF on the Township’s website.