876, 880 Dunsmuir Road

Large & Co.


A 7 – townhouse development is proposed for this site, which spans the eastern ends of both Dunsmuir Road and Wollaston Street. On May 3, 2021, Esq Council approved the demolition of the existing ‘Tyn-y-Coed’ heritage house once a building permit is issued. Council encouraged the developer to incorporate some elements of the heritage house into the new development’s design. While the townhouse development will likely be a nice addition to the neighbourhood, many in the community are saddened to be losing yet another piece of West Bay’s history. The application for rezoning went to a public hearing March 7, 2022 and Council provided approval at that time.


3 storey townhouses

Development phase:

Once approved, 12 to 14 months

Project status:

10 spaces proposed